January 10th, 2013

My friend’s MacGeyver’d money holder


See my wallet replacement reccos for him here

May 3rd, 2012


While I’m more of a Phil Dunphy gal myself, I have a soft spot for Cam on Modern Family. Maybe it’s because the stay-at-home dad’s partner - type-A lawyer Mitchell - reminds me so much of myself that I empathize with someone who’d put up with that kind of perfectionist personality.

One thing about Cam I can’t get on board with, though? His wardrobe. And I’m not talking about his sleep clowning costumes. Rather, my beef is with his dual-print dress shirts that he loves so much.

I’ve already discussed my distaste for contrast collars. Before Cam came along, I hadn’t even considered: the contrast cuff.

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April 19th, 2012

Style Foul: Office Supply Accessories

Last week, we had a good chat here about collar stays. Some folks were for the metal magnet kind, some were pro-plastic, but I think we all agreed that a crisp collar is a good thing.

Maybe that’s why, when I met a friend of a friend recently, my eyes kept drifting to his blue dress shirt’s neckline as we chatted. The shirt itself was pressed and clean, but at his collar point I could see the outline of…well, what was it anyway?

Finally, my curiosity got the best of me, and with the cover of “inquisitive fashion blogger”protecting me, I asked.

“Sorry, what’s that in your collar?”

“Oh,” he looked down towards his shirt, then back at me and blushed a little. “It’s a paper clip. The collar was getting a little rumpled so…”

A paper clip. A PAPER CLIP.

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