June 27th, 2012

Introducing my new nephew, Riggins! 


December 22nd, 2011

Hiding from your family at the holidays

Can’t live with ‘em, can’t get a ride from the airport without ‘em

The holidays are here, and for most of us, the season’s not complete without at least a short trip home. Unless you and your parents still live in the same town, that means you’re soon facing some inescapable, “can’t go back to my place at the end of the night” family time. We’re talking, lots and lots of family time. Like a frozen orange juice can of family time. Concentrated, intense, unrelenting family time.

While of course you love your folks (well, hopefully you do), you and your parents haven’t co-habitated since high school, and it probably wasn’t a peaceful existence then either. After the jump, a few strategies on keeping your cool during the holidays by hiding from the family you love:

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September 13th, 2011

What I learned about style from: ____

Clearly my childhood haircut was the inspiration for that of Annette Bening’s character in “The Kids are All Right”

It’s my dad’s birthday next week (happy birthday Dad!) and it got me thinking about the gifts he’s given me in my life. Not the cheesy stuff like a sheltered childhood, college education, or healthy sense of self-worth..though there was all that too. No, I’m talking about the sweet threads he’s passed down to me (or more likely, that I’ve swiped from his closet), like the rad University of Wisconsin Marching Band t-shirt that’s just the right shade of faded red, the belt I have no idea how he ever fit into but that sits on my hips perfectly, and the old repp tie I use as a headband.

So today, I thought I’d take a moment to share what I’ve learned about style from the men in my life:

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