June 13th, 2013

My last-minute Father’s Day picks, in Metro New York!

June 13th, 2012

Too late for a Father’s Day Gift Guide you say?

Pshaw! My father will be vacationing in Miami with my moms this weekend so he’s lucky I even remembered it’s Father’s Day on Sunday. Lucky bastard.

The details…

June 12th, 2012

Father’s Day Giveaway!

Want to win a GothamBox for your dad, filled with local treats from either NYC or San Francisco? Easy, just leave a comment here saying why your old man is the best before Friday!

June 12th, 2012

Gothambox: A Great Father’s Day Gift…and Style Girlfriend Giveaway!

(Click through for details)

June 15th, 2011

It’s Father’s Day Soon I guess

I got an email last week from the good folks at Nicholas Joseph Custom Tailors in Chicago, thoughtfully reminding me that this Sunday is Father’s Day. Here are the tips they had for giving dear old dad a great gift:

Get him what he wants, not what you think he needs

Be practical

Consider going in on a gift with your siblings

Show you actually know what is hobbies are

Make it personal

Great advice, to be sure, but here’s the thing - at my house, Father’s and Mother’s Day do not beget gifts. Cards, yes. Sincere expressions of love and affection, sure. If celebrated in person, even a hearty hug.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with showing your dad you’re glad he got it on with your mom however many years ago with a little token of your appreciation for not sharing the details.

Keeping in mind the helpful hints above, here’s what I’d get my dad…if I were getting him a gift (because it’s the thought that counts, right Pop?):

(in no particular order, apparently)

Sperry boat shoes, $75

No one wants to see your Dad in Tevas. 

Gardening Pot Mover, $30

Because if there’s two things I know about dads, it’s that they love gardening and always have bad backs. 

Paul McCartney “Band on the Run” concert tour tickets (pricing varies)

At the risk of making sweeping assumptions about an entire generation (but hey! that’s what they do to us, right?), your dad loves the Beatles. Macca’s headed back out on the road, and from personal experience, I can tell you he never disappoints. Sexually. Just kidding. But I’m guessing not really. I’m sorry.

Friday Night Lights: Season 1, $15

Why is your dad not watching this show? I don’t know. No, wait, better question - why is all of America not watching this show?? But let’s correct it, starting with your old man.

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