September 19th, 2011

Emmys’ best dressed fellas

There’s nothing like a man in a tuxedo, amirite ladies? And we got to see a handful of them at the Emmys last night. Which were saved, in my opinion, by my beloved Friday Night Lights’ two wins - one for Coach Taylor himself, inducing an embarrassing amount of tears and shrieking from me and my sister watching at home.

As for fashion, the women can take care of themselves (I’m looking at you Juliana Marguiles in your weird ice cube-y, winning over Tami Taylor-y dress), so let’s talk about the guys. We’ll start with the good:

Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers: I don’t know how to say this in a way that doesn’t sound mean, but these guys are both on the slimmer side, with proportionally smaller heads to match, so those smallish bow ties look perfect on them.

Jon Hamm: See the difference? big(ger) head, big(ger) bow tie. Seriously, that guy has a face the size of a cinder block. Also, bold move with the double-breasted jacket. I like it.

The good, but could be better:

Chris Colfer: I like how Glee’s Colfer wears his tuxedo pants on the slimmer side - it feels very modern and young, appropriate for an actor playing a high schooler who might actually not be out of his teens yet. I just wish he’d knotted his tie all the way up. There’s no reason for a sloppy tie before the show’s even started. Wait til the afterparty before you loosen up.

Topher Grace: Hey guys, remember Topher Grace? Me neither, I think he might have been on some show with the new star of Two and A Half Men whose name escapes me right now. They should probably be promoting that season premiere more heavily, huh? But back to Grace. As I already said, I’m in favor of the double-breasted jacket, but why the skinny tie? It’s overwhelmed by the wide lapels, and also, those pants look a little too tapered at the knee - nobody wants to see a bootcut tuxedo pant.

The not good at all:

LL Cool J: Still with the Kangol hat, huh? I admire your perseverance, if not your look.

Alan Cumming: In the fourth grade, I had a set of kimono pajamas. I loved them and wore them til I grew out of them. So what I’ll say is I’m sure Cumming’s is really comfortable. And leave it at that.

Darren Criss - another slight misstep from a Glee guy (aren’t those kids supposed to be good with choreography?) No problem with the suit, just those glasses. I mean, seriously, those glasses.

Seal: I’m not even going to bother pointing out what’s wrong here. If you can’t tell, then I have no tools left in my arsenal that can help you.

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